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Updates to AON insurance for international students

23 April 2020

In view of the corona situation, AON has made important changes to its insurance for current international students. 

Extended home country insurance period

Previously, international students were insured in their home country for a maximum of eight weeks. As many students have gone home early they will exceed this eight-week period. AON has therefore extended its home country insurance period.

If you have a valid AON student insurance policy you will remain insured in your home country until 31 August 2020, on the following conditions: 

  • You remain registered as a student of Leiden University.
  • You can demonstrate that you are continuing your studies online.

Note that during this extended period, you are only insured for medical emergencies. Costs amounting to a maximum of two times Dutch basic healthcare tariffs are covered. Insurance coverage will still cease as soon as your policy expires.   

For further information, contact Aon student insurance.

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