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On behalf of the Faculty Board: good luck with your exams!

19 May 2020

Dear students,

After two months of online education this week has marked the beginning of the exam period. The corona-crisis has also considerably affected this part of your study. With this message, we want to wish you the best of luck with making your exams, writing papers and theses and passing all the other tests you will be taking.

The way students have been making the best of the current challenging situation, makes us very proud. Although the examination period might require some extra efforts from your side whilst preparing online exams, we want you to know that various forms of examining have been chosen to reassure the quality of your education and to hopefully avoid study delay where we can. Maybe some of your exams or deadlines have been postponed or moved, you might not yet have found an ideal study environment or you could be worrying about an upcoming proctor exam. We are aware that we ask for more flexibility and effort from your part.

While you are working hard behind your device in preparation of your exams, we will make sure that we can offer you quality education during the next academic year together with your teachers, so you can continue your study, unless you manage to obtain your degree this summer already and are ready to start your further career.

Good luck in the examination period and a healthy and relaxed summer period in advance!

On behalf of the entire Faculty Board of Humanities with a special wish of good luck from our vice-deans,

Jonatan Wirix-Speetjens (Assessor Faculteit Humanities)

Vice-dean Jeroen Touwen (BA-education), vice-dean Mirjam de Baar (MA-education) and Jonatan Wirix-Speetjens (Assessor) wish you good luck from their homes.
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