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Registration procedures exams (block 3) and courses (block 4) modified

30 March 2020

  • For all courses and exams that you want to follow online, in addition to registration in Blackboard/Brightspace, registration in uSis is also mandatory. Check in uSis whether you are registered for all courses and exams you want to take.
    If not, please contact the

  • If you have to retake a (part of a) course or exam, YOU are responsible for your registration in Blackboard/Brightspace and uSis.
    Are you unable to enroll in uSis? Please contact the

  • The registration period in uSis has been extended up to and including three days before the day the examination is held. So, for example, if your examination is on Wednesday, you can register in uSis up to and including Saturday 23.59 hrs. For an exam on Monday, you can register in uSis up to and including Thursday 23.59 hrs.  
  • Without a valid registration in uSis, your grade will not be registered in uSis afterwards.
  • You have been or will be informed via Blackboard/Brightspace when your exam will take place. Your exam date may not correspond with the date that is visible in uSis. This will be particularly the case for exams of block 3, because we have not yet been able to adjust this in uSis. When entering your grade in uSis, we will correct the date in uSis.
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