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Restrictive measures eased: what will the University do?

20 May 2020

It is now ten weeks since our University’s lockdown situation started. During those weeks we have been doing our teaching almost entirely online and have studied from home. And although we may be growing more accustomed to this, it is certainly not always easy. Yet fortunately there is also some good news. Now that we are starting to see a flattening of the coronavirus curve, the measures – including those for the universities – are being eased in a series of ‘baby steps’.

From 15 June there can be practicals and exams again in University buildings

An important measure that is being relaxed is that from 15 June practicals and exams can take place at universities, as was announced on 19 May. These teaching activities can take place between 11.00 and 15.00 hrs and after 20.00 hrs, What this means for Leiden University is now under examination. In the period from 1 June to the end of this academic year we will give priority to:

  • Practicals;
  • Examinations and/or assessments that cannot take place remotely;
  • Students who are due to graduate, who without access to the building, are unable to complete their graduation assignment;
  • Tutoring of vulnerable students.

Keep a close eye on the updates on our website: whenever new information becomes available, we report it there. If some of the teaching can be resumed on campus, students will naturally be informed about this by their study programme. 

Working towards the new normal in stages

The green light is very cautiously being given for relaxing the measures. At the same time, however, we know that there are still many questions and uncertainties. Together with the Faculty Boards, we are preparing a range of scenarios - for the coming months, and for a cautious reopening of some aspects of our education from September. We have set out how we are going to do that, and what our plans are so far: you can read about this in the article ‘Working towards the new normal in stages’.

Working towards the new normal in stages

How will the University adapt to relaxation of the restrictive measures?

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