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Start a master’s programme despite a study delay

15 May 2020

We can see that the corona outbreak has had a huge impact on students and want to do all we can to minimise the effects. If you would like to begin a master’s programme at Leiden University, but will be unable to complete your bachelor's programme before the end of the academic year, we as a university would like to offer a solution.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) has granted universities permission this year to admit students who have not yet completed their bachelor’s programme to a master’s programme under conditions that the universities themselves can set. In consultation with the consultation bodies, the Executive Board has chosen two variants in order to meet the needs of the different degree programmes.

Variant 1: With these degree programmes, you will be able to carry out assignments or sit exams from you bachelor’s programme in September 2020. 

Variant 2: With these degree programmes, you will be able to start your master’s programme and will be able to complete your bachelor’s programme in the course of the 2020/2021 academic year, as long as you meet the conditions set by the degree programme. 

This option applies to bachelor’s students who are currently enrolled at a research university in the Netherlands, and students who are nationals of an EU country or Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland (EEA) who need to complete a bachelor's programme outside the Netherlands. In some cases, this also applies to students progressing from a conversion or pre-master’s programme to a master’s programme at a research university. Alongside these two variants, a large number of degree programmes offer a second intake juncture during the academic year.

Would you like to take advantage of the option above? See the dossier of the master’s programme that you wish to follow to see which variant applies to you.


If you have any questions about admission and enrolment, the Student Affairs Front Office can help. Please fill in the online contact form and use ‘Admission request’ as the subject.

If you have any questions about the programme itself, please contact the study adviser for the master’s programme that you wish to follow. You will find their details under contact in the programme dossier.

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