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This Week's Discoveries online from May 12 - first speakers Tjerk Oosterkamp and Omid Karami

6 May 2020

The central forum where researchers from the Faculty of Science share results and breakthroughs is back!

From Tuesday 12 May, everyone can watch an inspiring lecture of This Week's Discoveries online every Tuesday. During the first digital online This Week's Discoveries, Tjerk Oosterkamp takes his audience into the world of quantum. A week later, Omid Karami reveals how he discovered a life-extending gene.

Attend the lectures online

The new online series This Week's Discoveries will take place in Kaltura Live Room at the same time as before: every Tuesday at 13.15. Unlike before, one researcher presents his or her work, followed by a short question and discussion round. The meeting will end around 13.40.

The online This Week's Discoveries is open to everyone. Visitors register with their name and e-mail address and can then immediately watch the lecture. After the presentation, members of the audience can ask questions; for this they have to switch on their microphone and, optionally, their webcam.

to the  Live Room 


On 12 May, LION professor Tjerk Oosterkamp will kick off the new lecture series with his lecture 'What is a measurement? Crossing over from the quantum world to the classical world and back'. Oosterkamp: 'Despite advances in quantum research,there remains the question of how the classical world emerges from the underlying quantum physics. Some people even say there isn't really a classical world, and prefer to talk about many parallel universes, in which superpositions remain forever.' With two colleagues and an Science-Groot grant from NWO, Oosterkamp will experimentally study the resulting dilemmas.

A week later, on 19 May, IBL scientist Omid Karami tells all about his recent startling publication: the discovery of a life-extending gene in plants. Annuals such as rice and Arabidopsis normally die after flowering. Overexpression of the AHL15 gene, however, appears to keep growth points in Arabidopsis active, after which it can bloom several times more.

The next speakers will be announced as usual in the weeks leading up to the lecture. For the current overview, visit the events page of This Week’s Discoveries.

Looking back

The lecturesof This Week's Discoveries are being recorded and can be watched at a later date. The discussions are not recorded; questioners cannot therefore be seen / heard on the recordings.

You can watch the recorded lectures on Lectures at Science.

About This Week's Discoveries

This Week's Discoveries is the weekly meeting within the Faculty of Science, where researchers give a short presentation about their research. Their presentations are aimed at a wide audience and are visited by students, (former) employees, alumni and other interested parties. The meetings in the De Sitterzaal had been canceled since April due to the corona crisis. Resumption of the lectures in this room depends on the measures taken by the government and RIVM to limit the spread of the corona virus.

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