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uMail updated

30 April 2020

Umail was updated at the end of April.

This means a number of things have changed:

  • You can find your old mail in the folder OX-migrated-mail. Click on the arrow [v] in front of the OX-migrated-mail folder to view your older uMail. New messages arrive in your Inbox.
  • If you read uMail on your mobile phone, you have to adjust the mail settings
  • If uMail was automatically forwarded to a different email address, you will need to reset this again.
  • Until 1 June 2020 you have the time to export the calendar and contacts from the old environment and import them back into the new environment.

Do you have any questions or do you encounter problems? Please contact the helpdesk, 071 – 527 8888, e-mail or go to the helpdesk portal.

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