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Vote in the university elections

18 May 2020

You can certainly let yourself be heard in the upcoming university elections, which take place from Monday 25 May till Friday 29 May. You can vote for your representatives in both the University Council and Faculty Council . These representatives will play a role in the decision-making process for the some of the most important issues within the university, such as the quality of education, new buildings, facilities and sustainability.

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Who can you vote for in the University Council election?

The following student parties are taking part in the University Council elections:

  • CSL
  • The Democratic Students Party – The Hague (DSP)
  • Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)
  • Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)
  • Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS Leiden)
  • Party voor (Bio)Medical Students (PBMS)

Find out more about the parties. Also read this news item in which the party leaders introduce themselves and explain why they think you should vote for them.

Who can you vote for in the Faculty Council election?

The student parties and candidates taking part vary from one faculty to another. You can find all the candidates here. Also take a look on the various party websites to find out more about the candidates and for which faculty councils they are standing.

How to vote

You can cast your vote for your student representatives on the University Council and Faculty Council from Monday 25 May at 09:00 till Friday 29 May at 16:00. This year the elections will be held over a period of 5 days. On day 1 you will receive an email with a link to the voting page. After entering your ULCN details you will be able to cast your vote. 

Results announced online

On Thursday 4 June, University Council Chairperson, Charlotte de Roon, will announce the results of the elections. You are very welcome to follow the announcement online (in Dutch). The results will also be published on the University Elections page

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