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Digital Internship for Master's students

12 June 2020

The following corona-proof internship is available for a MA/MSc student:

  • Title: Analysis and Visualization of CES Survey Data from Ramosch, Switzerland
  • Duration: 17 working days in May/June 2020, 1 MA/MSc student
  • Supervisor: Dr. K. Lambers in collaboration with Dr. S. Kosanic, University of Konstanz

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics in MS Excel or similar tools
  • Knowledge of QGIS on the level of the BA2 course GIS
  • Experience with the analysis of survey data is a plus, but not required.

Skills to be obtained:

  • Introduction to Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) research
  • Quantitative and spatial data processing, analysis, and visualization
  • Integration of quantitative, qualitative, and spatial data in GIS

Also see the full internship description.

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