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Take part in the Film Emotion Experiment

25 June 2020

Understanding emotions

The experiment is about understanding the emotion expressions of humans. The researchers aim at comparing human emotion expressions with those of our closest relatives, the great apes. Be part of this comparison and help scientists to unveil how our emotion expressions might have evolved through time!


All it involves is watching a series of movie scenes while your reactions are filmed via your webcam. The movie scenes and therefore the experiment will no longer take more than 60 minutes.

Signing up via Sona

You can apply for this experiment by signing in via SONA. The experiment has two versions:

1. You watch the movie scenes alone: Film Emotion Experiment Solo
2. You watch the movie scenes together with a family member/friend/partner etc.: Film Emotion Experiment Duo

If you participate, you are helping in scientific research of the unit of cognitive psychology. Above that, as a student in Psychology you will receive 1 SONA credit.

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