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Frequently asked questions about the smoke-free university

29 June 2020

Why is the university becoming a smoke-free environment?

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, will be prohibited by law in all higher education institutions as of 1 August 2020. Smoking and second-hand smoke are the main sources of reduced health in the Netherlands. Leiden University believes in the importance of offering everyone a healthy learning and working environment. This goal is aligned with the ambitions of the university, which is part of the Healthy Universities network.

What will change for me?

In practice, this means that you are no longer allowed to smoke on the university premises and that smoking facilities are being removed. Signs and signage on the paving will remind you that the premises are smoke-free.

What can I do, as a smoker, not to inconvenience others?

Please make sure that you do not light a cigarette or e-cigarette on the university premises. We also strongly urge you not to start smoking at the neighbouring premises. If approached by an enforcement officer, please follow his or her instructions.

How do I quit smoking?

If you would like to quit smoking but need some help, go to smokefree.gov or contact your general practitioner. Starting this year, health insurers will no longer charge deductibles for programmes that help people stop smoking.

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