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Timeslots for study places

19 October 2020

Locations and timeslots






Plexus Mon to Fri


  Sat & Sun      
University Library Witte Singel Mon to Sun


Pieter de la Court, library Mon to Fri


Pieter de la Court, restaurant & souterrain Mon to Fri    
KOG, library & restaurant Mon to Fri


Sat & Sun    
Science Library Mon to Fri    
Arsenaal Mon to Fri    
Old Observatory Mon to Fri    
Gorlaeus Lecture Hall Mon to Fri    
Stadsgehoorzaal* (theatre) Mon to Sun    

*From 5 until 15 December.






Schouwburgstraat Mon to Fri    
Stichthage Mon to Fri    
Wijnhaven, second & third floor Mon to Sun


Wijnhaven, library

Mon to Sun




  • You can reserve a timeslot 1 day in advance.
  • Preferably use Chrome, Safari or Firefox as web browser.
  • Log in using your ULCN account, select a location and reserve a space.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after making your reservation. The link in the email  serves as your entry ticket. Open the link upon arrival and show it to the person at reception.

Reserve a timeslot

On site

  • Do the corona check to make sure you may come to university.
  • Don’t arrive too early: no earlier than 15 minutes before your timeslot commences. Leave the building as soon as your timeslot expires.
  • You can find the number of your reserved study space on the table.

Precautionary measures

The university has measures in place intended to ensure the safety of our students and staff and reduce the risk of a further spread of the virus.

Read about these measures in the Campus Protocol.

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