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Limited, safe and responsible reopening of Van Steenis building

18 June 2020

The Faculty is preparing for a limited reopening of the Van Steenis building. For the sake of clarity: with just a few exceptions, working and studying from home will remain the norm.

We understand that there are many questions about reopening. You may have heard about new stickers, one-way routes and protective screens in the buildings. This is all in preparation for a gradual reopening. Modifications to our buildings including instructions, protective screens and extra hygiene measures will ensure that it is safe to work there. The norm in all buildings will be 1.5m social distancing. The faculty is allowed to have a maximum of 37 members of staff in the building each day.

Priority: teaching and research

We are also prioritising in gradual steps. Our teaching and research take priority, so working from home will remain the norm for most staff members and students.

Starting from June 15th, students are allowed in the Van Steenis Building for small-scale teaching (such as practicals), limited (individual) lab or material research for finishing theses and doing exams. These activities are all small scale. Extra attention is now given to hygiene in the labs and personal protection.

The use of the labs spaces for students are coordinated by the lab staff. They are in close contact with the Department secretaries and together figure out a fair distribution of space between students, PhD’s, postdocs, and other staff members. 

Students need permission (by mail) from their supervisor to work in the Van Steenis. Every Wednesday before 17.00 hours, requests (for the upcoming week) from students should be sent to the lab coordinators:

If you would like to work in a project room (C1.11, C1.13 or C.108) please contact the departmental secretary of World Archaeology, Josephine Say at j.a.say@arch.leidenuniv.nl.

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