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Should I come to The Hague in September? (BA International Studies)

3 June 2020

Dear all,

With this message we would like to respond to questions that some of you posed and probably many of you have about our teaching next semester. We know that there are students who have suffered during this crisis, not only because of the isolation, or health problems, but also financially. An important question for many of you is: should we come to The Hague in September and spend money on rent and living there, or could we stay in our own country, or even in our home town in The Netherlands, and study online?

While the final decision is up to you, we can guarantee that you will be able to follow all our teaching in the first semester online, both the large scale lectures and the tutorials, as well as all other kinds of education, like seminar groups. At the same time we will try to provide some on-campus services for students who are in The Hague. This could range from mentor meetings, to office hours with coordinators of studies and later in the semester maybe even some tutorials. However, all of those services will be available online as well.

Of course, coming to The Hague will make it easier to get to know your peers and become part of the student community which our programme is so well-known for. An important part of that community is our Study Association BASIS. But again, we will also try to create online platforms and events to get to know each other.

Everything will be in place to study remotely and we understand perfectly if that means you would prefer to stay at home for at least the first semester of the coming academic year. At the same time, if you prefer coming to The Hague, we will do everything we can to also cater for your needs. In other words, wherever you may be, we will make sure that you are a member of our International Studies community.

As soon as we have more information on the exact rules and regulations and the setup of our teaching for the coming semester, we will let you know.

The International Studies Programme Board

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