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Call for submissions for LeidenGlobal photo exhibition: Crafting Cultures

11 August 2020

LeidenGlobal organises an exhibition of photographs that show how in different cultures people are fusing tradition with innovation through crafts. Demonstrating the relevance of craft production and craftsmanship for future generations worldwide. The photographs are made by Leiden-based researchers and students. Historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, political scientists, and many other researchers have dealt with crafts in their research, sometimes as main topic, sometimes accidental. 

You are invited to send in a photo that fits in the exhibition's focus on ‘Crafting Cultures’, including a short description about the topic of the photo and the context in which it was taken. Deadline submission is Tuesday 1 September 2020

Visit the LeidenGlobal website for the details

Previous photo exhibition

In 2017 LeidenGlobal started a photo exhibition with photographs (first 12, later 18) by scholars from Leiden showing their idea on the impact of migration on heritage. This successful exhibition ‘Heritage on the Move’ moved around Leiden and surroundings for three years and is also presented online. Now it’s time for a new exhibition and new scholars to make impact with their research shown in photographs. 

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