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Compensation for loss of income from part-time job - update: extended till 26 July

13 July 2020

Have you missed out on income from your part-time job as a result of the corona situation? If so, you may be entitled to request financial compensation from the UVW (Dutch Employee Insurance Agency).

Financial compensation

Temporary or agency workers who have experienced loss of income due to corona measures in the months March, April and May 2020, may be entitled to compensation of up to 550 euros per month via the TOFA regulation. Financial compensation takes the form of a one-off payment of up to 1650 euros.

Extended deadline

The original deadline for requesting compensation was 12 July. However the deadline has been extended till Sunday 26 July 2020.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are aged between 18 and the official retirement age
  • In February you had a gross income of at least 400 euro
  • In March you had an income of at least 1 euro
  • In April you experienced a loss of income of at least 50% compared to your February income
  • In April you had a gross income of maximum 550 euro
  • You have not claimed other forms of governmental financial assistance for living costs

You cannot request compensation via the TOFA regulation if you are self-employed or receiving other social security or unemployment benefits.

How to request compensation

Submit your request via this online form (available in Dutch only). You will need:

  • DigiD or a *supported European log-in method
  • Your Dutch bank account number
  • Your telephone number and address

If you are unable to submit an online request, you can request an application form by calling the UWV, tel: 088 898 2030.

* Supported European log-in is available to nationals of Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

More information

Visit the UWV website (in Dutch) for full details of the eligibility criteria and application procedure. 

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