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Fieldwork at possible new Roman Marching Camp at Ermelo (Netherlands)

3 July 2020

By means of LiDAR a parallelogram-shaped structure, consisting of walls and ditches, was discovered in the forest near Ermelo (Gelderland) in 2018 (Figure 1). The structure was immediately recognized as resembling a Roman military marching camp, similar to the Roman temporary camp at Leuvenum, circa four kilometers to the east, dated to 170–180AD (Holwerda 1923; Hulst 2007). In 2019, a small-scale field survey confirmed that the newly discovered structure equals a Roman military camp in shape and form. However, this survey did not result in any dateable archaeological finds, nor in reliable 14C-datings to confirm this as a Roman installation. 

Therefore, fieldwork has been planned for the first two weeks of September, in which we can hopefully confirm the date and use of this structure. 

Figure 1: Left: Plan of the newly discovered structure (Beuger/Verschoof-van der Vaart 2020); Right: Plan of the Roman camp on the Ermelosche heide-Leuvenum (Hulst 2007)

Project information

Project: Possible new Roman marching camp north of the limes near Ermelo (NL)

Activities involved: Excavation trenches and test pits (digging by hand, recording with basic ‘old school’ excavation skills and RTS), metal detectoring, OSL-sampling, surveying, photogrammetry, drone picturing

Capacity: 15 students

Costs: Own contribution for campsite use, collective meals and drinks.

Period: Fieldwork: 31 August - 11 September. Data Processing: 1 week per student, can be planned by students. All processed data must be handed in by 01 November 2020. 

Health and Corona Considerations: Working at 1.5 m distance is a basic procedure for the planned work, with or without corona. As the research area concerns ca.  5 ha of forested area, enough safe space will be available for us to operate. Facilities (e.g. Toilet) will be available on site. Please note that this is a tick-area, so precautions for this should be taken.

Accommodation: We will be staying at a nature campsite (Staatsbosbeheer) a few kilometers away, wherefore each student brings her/his own tent. Meals will be prepared by the entire team. Transport between fieldwork - campsite will be by (your own)bicycle.

Application method: Write a motivation letter and send this with a fieldwork CV to Wouter Verschoof-van der Vaart and Mark Driessen

Application deadline date: Apply before 01 August 2020.

Figure 2: Photograph showing the first field survey of the structure in 2018
Photograph of the 2019 field work


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