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Permission required for study-related activities abroad

3 July 2020

All exchange programmes in the first and second semester of the academic year 2020-2021 have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Students may not travel abroad for study-related activities for, at this stage, the rest of the academic year 2020-2021. If you have plans to go abroad for your studies outside an exchange programme, for example for an internship, research project or summer school, the university can, in very exceptional cases, grant you permission to do so.

At your own risk

Even if you are granted permission, you must be aware that you are going abroad at your own risk. This means you cannot request financial assistance from Leiden University, even if you must, or choose to, return to the Netherlands quickly due to the coronavirus (repatriation). Most travel insurance policies do not cover repatriation costs arising from COVID-19. You are therefore solely responsible for all costs.

Green or yellow areas only

In principle, you may only request permission to travel to areas that are classified as green or yellow according to Dutch governmental travel advice. Check the colour of your intended destination. Requests to travel to code orange areas will only be considered if: 

  • the destination in question is your home country, or
  • it can be ascertained from the travel advice that the country has only been designated orange due to it imposing travel restrictions on visitors from the Netherlands, as a result of rising cases in the Netherlands.

Travel to code red areas is never permitted.

Request permission

You will need the following items for your request:

  1. Written permission from your board of examiners
  2. If you are going to a host institution: written permission from the institution in which is stated:
    • that you have permission for the study-related activity
    • the corona measures in place at that institution
    • how the institution will care for your wellbeing and safety

You can submit these items as attachment in the online request form. In this form you must also explain the reason for your trip and provide information about the situation in your destination, such as the location of the nearest airport or other means of travelling home, the local availability of health care and the infrastructure.

Upon receipt of your request, contact will be sought with your faculty supervisor (international exchange coordinator, internship coordinator or study adviser) to double check whether your faculty supports your trip abroad. You must therefore make sure that you have the agreement of your faculty in advance. 

Do not go without permission!

If you abroad for your studies without permission, you cannot be awarded study credits or receive scholarship funding or other forms of financial support.

Returning to the Netherlands

All students must follow the Dutch government's advice for travellers returning to the Netherlands. If the government advises you to remain at home for 10 days upon your return, it is essential that you do so. 

Last updated: 5 October 2020

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