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On-campus teaching: when should you stay at home?

20 August 2020

When you resume or start your studies in September, some of your teaching will be at the University. You may only come to University buildings if you do not pose a risk to your fellow students and lecturers.

Rules for on-campus teaching:

  1. Do not come to the University if you have symptoms (such as a cough, a cold, a fever or shortness of breath). Take the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) check to be sure. If you do have symptoms, you must take a COVID-19 test.
  2. If you have been to a region or country with an orange or red colour code in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advisory that also specifies that you should quarantine, you may not come to the University for ten days. The government’s advice is changing regularly, so make sure to check which rules apply to the country you have travelled from. You can check this at Nederlandwereldwijd.nl.


We understand that quarantine can be difficult for first-year and international students. However, you can start your studies online if you are not yet able to come to the University. University rental locations have resident assistants who can support you during quarantine. If you have any questions about quarantining, check out the FAQs. Keep a close eye on this site for information on what to do about appointments with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), the local municipality or your bank if you are in quarantine. If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the FAQs, please contact Student Support Services, secretariaat@sea.leidenuniv.nl or +31 71 527 8026.

Introduction weeks

If you have signed up for an introduction week, you may only join in with the face-to-face parts of the programme if you follow the national guidelines and the rules that apply to that particular introduction week. You will receive further information about this from the introduction week’s organisers.

RIVM check and COVID-19 test

Take the RIVM check before working, studying or attending events or meetings in our buildings. If you have any symptoms, you must get tested.

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