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New Campus Protocol adopted

25 August 2020

The University’s new Campus Protocol enters into force on 31 August. This lists the rules and regulations for studying and working at Leiden University. 

Leiden University Campus Protocol
Leiden University Campus Protocol

From the start of the new academic year, we will be able to provide a limited amount of on-campus teaching once again. This means that our buildings will be busier, with not only students and lecturers but also support staff and researchers who need to work onsite. 
With more students and staff in our buildings, it is important that everyone is fully aware of who may come to the University and what the rules of conduct are. We have therefore listed the main rules and regulations on working and studying in our buildings and online in our new Campus Protocol. 
The Protocol contains:

  • The general measures and guidelines that apply to everyone
  • Information for students about studying online and on campus
  • Information for staff about working at home and on campus

Read the Campus Protocol 

Work and study at home where possible

Everyone must work at home where possible. This continues to be the government’s advice and will ensure that our buildings do not become overcrowded. The Executive Board is finalising its remote working policy, which will take effect on 1 October and – as long as the circumstances remain unchanged – will continue to apply until at least 1 January. 

We also ask students only to come to the University for scheduled teaching or if you have booked a study space, and to leave immediately afterwards.

The success of this protocol depends on you. It will work if:

  • you and your fellow students or colleagues keep to the rules
  • you all feel responsible for one another’s health and safety
  • you politely remind people to follow the rules.
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