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Fresh air in our buildings

26 August 2020

All classrooms are equipped with mechanical ventilation. In the places where mechanical ventilation is present, the ventilation is good. This ventilation is started one hour earlier and stopped two hours later than normal and there is no recirculation. All systems refresh at overcapacity because there are less people present in the buildings and rooms due to the measures. Incidentally, not all workstations and meeting rooms are equipped with mechanical ventilation, these rooms need to be ventilated by opening windows (when possible). 

Do not use small air conditioning units and/or fans in rooms where several people are working. Small air conditioning units that are used for cooling one room usually extract air from that room which is blown back after cooling. Fans also recirculate air in the same room. However, fans can be used in front of an open window to promote the diffusion of fresh air into the room. This prevents the outside air from being blown past one person in the direction of another person.

If you have any questions or remarks about fresh air ventilation, please contact the service desk (servicedeskDH@ufb.leidenuniv.nl). 

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