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Problems logging into uMail?

17 September 2020

Are you unable to log into uMail, your university mailbox? Follow the steps below.

Log-in changes

Between now and early October, student mailboxes are being migrated to a new online environment, to allow better integration with Office 365 tools and Brightspace. Once your mailbox has been migrated, you will have to log in to the new environment.

Steps to log into uMail

1. Open a new incognito/private window in your browser (to prevent cache information interfering with log in)

2. Go to https://webmail.campus.leidenuniv.nl

3. Log in with your ULCN user name and password. (Your user name consists of a lower-case letter 's' followed by your student number. For example: s1234567).

4. If your mailbox hasn’t yet been migrated, you will be logged into the (old) web version of your uMail.

If your mailbox has been migrated, you will see a link to the new environment:

link to the new uMail environment

From now on, you can log into your mailbox from this new url.

5. Click on the link and log in. Please note: in this new environment you log in with your Microsoft account:

  • Your email address consists of your ULCN user name  + @vuw.leidenuniv.nl. For example, if your user name is s1234567, your email address is:s1234567@vuw.leidenuniv.nl.
  • Use your ULCN password.

6. Confirm your log in with Microsoft Authenticator. If you haven’t yet installed Microsoft Authenticator, read here how to do so.

More information & contact
Do you want to know more or need assistance? Visit the ISSC Helpdesk Portal.

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