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Government tightens corona measures: continue working from home

29 September 2020

With the number of corona cases rising throughout the country, the government has announced stronger measures to protect our health. The rule is therefore: work from home unless you have no other choice.

What does this mean if you work at the University? Research, teaching and business-critical processes have to continue – in our buildings too. Lab or library research, for example, therefore continue to be possible. Our on-campus teaching will also continue within the scope of the existing rules and safety regulations. This means that students can come to the campus for lectures, seminars, practicals, tutorials or if they’ve booked a study space. This also means that lecturers can teach in our buildings or record or stream their teaching for online classes. And it also means that business-critical processes will continue in our buildings (e.g. the work of janitors and security staff). 

Campus Protocol en Corona Check

The safety guidelines from the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), for instance on hygiene and 1.5-metre distancing, apply to anyone working or studying on University premises. For the details, see the Campus Protocol. You are allowed but not obliged to wear a face mask in our buildings.

Always do the Corona Check before coming to work or study at the University!

Work from home

The rule is: work from home if the exceptions above do not apply to you. If you belong to a particular (vulnerable) group, if you think you can only do your work on site or if you have a special request, please contact your manager. If you want to come to our buildings, you will first need permission from your manager and they will need to register this in the system. Students should contact their study adviser.

Degree ceremonies, PhD ceremonies, inaugural lectures

Degree and PhD ceremonies will continue as planned this week – 29 September to 2 October – with additional safety measures. The Executive Board is consulting the faculties about what form our degree ceremonies will take henceforth under the new measures. After 2 October, the basic rule for PhD ceremonies, inaugural lectures and graduation ceremonies will be that they can go ahead on a small scale, with a maximum of 30 people.

Government policy prevails

In August, we announced that we wanted to provide more clarity by 1 October on how we would give shape to working from home and in our buildings this autumn: hybrid working. We had hoped that the options would have increased by then, and that we would be able to do more of our work on University premises. Given the rise in corona cases and the resulting new government policy, however, this new University policy on hybrid working will not be possible at present. We will carry on preparing it and will return to it once government policy allows. 

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