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LUC Corona Update: Socializing and Travel

23 September 2020

Start of a 'second wave'

The number of infections in the Netherlands has risen steeply in the past week, it seems we are at the start of a 'second wave'. The Hague still has one of the highest infection rates. If you are interested in the daily numbers, check out the corona dashboard (in Dutch). 

Test Positive

LUC is not aware of any confirmed infections in our community yet. If you do test positive, we urgently ask you to inform your supervisor (staff) or your study adviser and RA or SLO (students). And for everyone: do the Coronacheck before coming to the college floors.  

LUC can do this!

Bars and restaurants in The Hague are closing early (at midnight). Seeing that the majority of infections is coming from bars and parties, it is a better choice to stay away from them completely. LUC is working hard with Coasters and the central University administration to offer our students more possibilities for safe socializing here at AvB; watch this space for more information next week.

If you are making travel plans for Fall Break, please be aware that The Hague is in a 'red zone' for many countries, and that you may have to quarantine upon arrival according to local guidelines and when coming back to The Hague. Not all countries allow home quarantining. As before, all University study or work-related travel is not permitted. 

To conclude, hang in there! These are hard times, and we all feel how difficult it is to constantly follow the rules, be online so much, and miss many of the activities and things that you crave doing. Most of you are doing a great job, keep it up! LUC can do this.

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