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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

30 September 2020

Yesterday was LUC’s 10th anniversary! The age of 10 years reflects mere preadolescence in human years, but quite a respectable age in the Dutch University College landscape. So in spite of bad news on the corona front, the LUC community had a reason to celebrate! And celebrate we did: LUC’s staff participated in an online pub quiz with hilarious (and disturbing) facts about LUC’s history, and our students staged a fantastic music show on AvB’s roof terrace that I thoroughly enjoyed. A pandemic clearly does not have to get in the way of fun and creativity at LUC! Thanks to all who invested their time in making it a Lustrum to remember! 

You have probably all heard that the Dutch government has announced a return to more restrictions in an attempt to reduce the number of new COVID-19 infections, because they were on the rise again. This means that our staff is urged to work from home as much as possible, and that use of public transport and attendance of social gatherings should be kept to a minimum, and distancing needs to be strictly practiced. No fun, but a necessity to prevent more people getting ill and a complete lockdown. I trust that you will all take your responsibility as local and global citizens, and contribute to a health living and study environment by following these new rules.  

The fact that online events can rival offline ones was again proven by the Inspire the Students series that took place from Friday to Monday. I attended three of them and had a great time! The stories by alumni about their jobs and career choices were fascinating, and full of insights about what is and is not important on that journey that all LUC students should hear. Do make sure to catch the next series when it come along! Speaking of work…I wrote the LUC alphabet for the Lustrum (A is for AvB, the building we all use, the square the students abuse; B is for Bubble, etc..), and the Z was for Zero. The number of times I wished I had another job…

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