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LUC The Hague: Student Life Officer Update

30 September 2020

There are new, stricter regulations in the Netherlands, which delays some of our fancy plans for controlled social activities. (For my non-Dutch speakers, here's a decent rundown of Monday night's press conference.) We'll keep working to see what is possible, but it has to be within the parameters. 


 Keep in mind that there's a strong anti-young people sentiment in the air. (Personally, I think you guys are wonderful, but this isn't about what I think.) The ire is not directed towards individual young people, but towards large groups of you. If you go outside in big groups and party, you could become a sitting target for anyone who wants to let out some misdirected anger. (By now, you've all done the reading on scapegoating in GC Diversity. We are living in a classic case study.) This anger could manifest in any manner, so I suggest avoiding it at all costs.

In addition to being a target for randoms, the police have received new instructions. I know that they will have no problem doling out fines and other penalties. Here's something else that you need to be aware of: we genuinely don't know what will count as a criminal record from this era. It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that a corona-related fine or citation from 2020 could make your life difficult in later years. (Take it from someone who’s lived and worked in three different countries. The “criminal history declaration” is a mainstay of job applications and immigration forms.) When you want to get a job or emigrate somewhere in 2025 or something, it would be a shame if those plans are compromised by something that could have been avoidable. That's not something LUC can control or fix for you.

How to get through it? Be sensible. If you are in a group that's starting to get big and close, take some personal responsibility, and walk away. Trust me, I deeply miss people, too. But risking getting ill or fined will make it much harder to see people in the long run.

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