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Face masks and working in a laboratory - update corona measures

15 October 2020

The national measures to reduce COVID-19 have been tightened considerably. New measures apply throughout the Netherlands. What does this mean for teaching and research at our faculty? 


  • All teaching at our faculty buildings will proceed as scheduled. 
  • Always do the Corona Check before coming to the university. 
  • Face masks are mandatory in all university buildings when walking around. You are responsible for bringing your own face mask. You must wear a face mask when you enter, leave and move around our buildings. This means between classes, but also if you are fetching a cup of coffee or going to the toilet. Students do not have to wear a face mask in class or if they are studying at a pre-booked study space. If you prefer to wear a face mask during these activities though, you are free to do so.

    Within the Faculty of Science, there is an exception for the chemical and biochemical labs and practical rooms; see Laboratories and practical rooms.  
  • The measure concerning a maximum number of 30 people in a room does not apply to education. All lecture halls and workgroup rooms indicate the maximum number of students allowed on the door. 

Laboratories and practical rooms

  •  As of 15 October 7.00 hrs, Leiden University makes it compulsory for everyone who is in our buildings to wear a face mask. The only exceptions are the chemical and bio-chemical research laboratories and the chemical and bio-chemical practical rooms within our faculty. We advise not to wear face masks in these labs. The ventilation in these labs is so strong that it provides good protection. Wearing a non-medical face mask even leads to higher risks. Practitioners wear a face shield. Outside the labs and practical rooms, a face mask is mandatory.  

Are you worried? Don't hesitate and contact your study advisor.

If you still have questions about the measures, please check the website for all current information.

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