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LUC Corona Update: Impact on Social Activities and Face Masks

7 October 2020

This week, the first corona infection among staff has been reported. All their close and loose contacts have been informed. The staff member concerned has not been at LUC since their symptoms started. 

We continue to see many students and staff getting tested, which is great. If you do test positive, students should report to the SLO (using this form) and staff to their supervisor. Please do this in order to help us keep the community safe. All information regarding AvB and LUC in corona times is collected on a separate website for your convenience. 

Impact on social activities

Since the new corona measures were announced by the government, all social (non-educational or non-academic) activities on campus have been halted. LUC is continuously in contact with the university administration and with the various groups active in student life (SLO, Fortuna, Coasters), to see if there are options for organizing such activities within strict guidelines. Until now, this is unfortunately not the case. As soon as this changes, we will of course inform you, however, we expect that even stricter measures will be announced next week. We realize how difficult it can be to have so little opportunities for socializing, especially now that the weather is turning colder. But LUC can do this! If you are struggling, please check out this site for many resources to help you

Face masks

Infections in the Netherlands and in The Hague are still on the rise. Currently, there is a strong advice from the government to use face masks in indoor publicly accessible spaces, such as shops or museums. The university has not changed its policy: face masks are not compulsory but can be worn voluntarily. We currently see many students and staff wearing face masks in our building. This shows how committed our community is to protect each other. 

Stay safe and healthy!


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