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LUC Corona Update: New Measures and Face Masks

14 October 2020

This week at LUC has passed without any new confirmed cases reported to us. All students (resident at AvB or elsewhere) should report a positive test result using this form, staff should inform their supervisor. It is extremely important to do this as soon as you get the test result, especially because the municipal health services (GGD) do not have the capacity anymore to inform the close contacts. LUC can help with this, but only if you inform us. 

New Measures and Face Masks

The Netherlands has been a hotspot for the past few weeks. New measures have been announced yesterday, to limit the spread of the virus. This includes the new rule that everyone must wear a face mask in University buildings when not seated, also at LUC. We expect that on site program-related activities (classes, exams) can continue as planned. More information about face masks and other implications of the new measures for the university are published here.

Bars and restaurants are closed, and there are strict limits on group sizes. There is currently no permission to organize any social or extra-curricular activities on the college floors. Also at home, at AvB or elsewhere, please act in the spirit of these guidelines as much as possible: e.g. don't organize parties and large gatherings in the common rooms. Please stick to these measures, no matter how difficult it may be. This asks a lot of our patience, but if we don't get the numbers down now we may face a worse situation down the line. The new national measures are in place for at least the coming 4 weeks.

Reconsider Travel Plans

The app Coronamelder was launched nationally this week. Please consider to download the app on your phone. The app will inform you in case you have been near someone who tested positive for Covid-19. If you test positive yourself, please report this also in the app, so that others around you are warned. 

If you had travel plans for the fall break, reconsider them; the advise is to travel as little as possible. If you do go, please make sure that you follow the guidelines for self-quarantine once you return back to The Hague. More information can be found here

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