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LUC The Hague: Student Life Officer Update

14 October 2020

Hello, all!
Remember that time during Intro Week when I said that I was hoping for a Halloween party? Yeah, no. I’m afraid that it isn’t quite going to plan. (For an English rundown of last night’s press conference, click here.) One of the most frustrating things about the current situation is that the goalposts keep moving in wildly unpredictable directions. The lack of an end in sight is tiring for all of us. 

That being said: you all have been doing a fantastic job at staying safe. I cannot stress this to you enough. (I’d pat you on the back, but that’s breaking regulations.) Keep taking the precautions, getting tested if you show symptoms, and being your sensible selves. Trust me; this whole situation will change for the worse if people just up and stop caring. Other universities have not been as fortunate as we have been. We need to keep it this way.

Switching gears to what we can do: on Friday, October 30th at 19:00, I’m hosting a virtual film screening/total binge of the Dutch series Ares, which is on Netflix. Why Ares? Well, it’s quite scary, keeping with the Halloween theme. It is also an allegory of race in the Netherlands, and I think it would be interesting for us to talk about it as a group. For my non-Dutch speakers who are new to the Netherlands, it’s also a neat chance to hear the language for a prolonged period. (Don’t worry, there are subtitles.) Settle down with some snacks! Details to come.

Speaking of holidays: I want to come up with something for us to do over the winter break. Since the Netherlands is currently a red zone, there is a good chance the winter travel plans may be scuppered. More people will be in AvB over the break than in previous years. Typically, we would all scatter to the four winds. But now, we have an opportunity to do the season as a community. We can’t do something like caroling (singing in groups is a no-go), but we have a lot of choices in terms of doing things on a small scale or online. The plans are still in the first draft stage and I’ve gotten a few great suggestions already: fireplace decoration competition (fire not included), murder mystery evening, secret Santa, that sort of thing. But what else? Let’s think outside of the box, even outside of the tower. Where can we go outside of AvB? Let me know in this survey. And, if you want to be an absolute legend, mail me directly at l.a.todd@luc.leidenuniv.nl to help me out with this.
Happy Reading Week!

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