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New elections students in programme committees from Wednesday 14 October to Sunday 18 October

13 October 2020

Recently, elections were held for the student sections of a number of programme committees. Unfortunately, we are forced to declare the election results invalid. Several people have reported the vulnerability to fraud of the election application. Indeed, after investigation, it appeared that - in spite of various checks carried out by the system - the possibility of fraud is present and that, as a result, all votes have to be declared invalid.

Meanwhile, the election application has been adapted to the way in which, for example, the Faculty of Social Sciences organizes these elections, so that the elections can be held again, in a safe way. With apologies to the candidates and committees, a new invitation will be sent on Wednesday October 14, in which students of the programmes involved will be asked to vote again. This does not affect programme committees for which no elections have been called.

The new elections run from Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 October 2020.
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