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What is Proctoring?

30 October 2020

We use proctoring for a limited amount of exams. Your programme will inform you about the way your exam is taken.

Proctoring means that while taking the test in Remindo, another programme (Proctorio) is also active within the browser (Chrome). Proctorio works with Remindo, so please make sure you know how Remindo works first.

Proctorio records a few things during the exam, such as the video from the webcam, the sound from your microphone, and what is shown on your screen. These data are sent securely over the internet. Therefore, it is important that your computer / laptop has a working webcam and microphone, and that you have a good internet connection during the exam.

Brochure online proctoring


You can ask your lecturer substantive questions about your exam (with online proctoring). Technical questions can be mailed to

the Digital Test Helpdesk
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