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What is online proctoring?

31 May 2021

With 'Online Proctoring' we mean online supervision or surveillance during an exam. We do this to keep the situation as similar as possible to regular exams that used to take place at FSW. This way, we make sure that exams are conducted with high validity, and study delays are reduced as much as possible. At FSW we make use of surveillants who walk around. Online we use the surveillance service Proctorio, a proctoring software in combination with the test application Remindo.

Invigilators hired by Leiden University view the recordings in which the software has detected 'abnormal behaviour'. An example of abnormal behaviour is walking away during the exam. The invigilator receives a notification of this via an automatically generated report. The invigilator views the specific moments in the recordings and assesses whether there is a 'suspicion of irregularity'. If there are no suspicions, the proctor data are automatically deleted after 10 weeks. If there is suspicion of an irregularity, the images are retained until the Board of Examiners has made a decision.

Why do we use online proctoring?

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Check out this leaflet with all the relevant online proctoring information in a glance. We recommend you print the leaflet and put it next to your computer.


Good luck with your exams!

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