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Homepages students and staff website updated

25 November 2020

As of 25 November, the homepages of the students and staff website have been updated. The most important content pages can now be found faster, and visitors can instantly recognise that they are viewing information from their own programme or institute.

What is new?

  • Each programme and institute now has its own header image, so that you immediately see that you are viewing your content of your programme or institute. To view your own content, log in at the top right or select your institute from the drop-down menu in the middle of the page.
  • In 4 top tasks and 12 sub top tasks, you will find the most searched content pages and menu items. You can still find all the other pages via the search function or via the menu (left).

Furthermore, in the direct-to’s you will still find the most visited applications, as well as the familiar announcements, calendar, etc. 

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