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Honours students invited to join Educational Consultancy Committee

6 November 2020

What is the ECC?

Within the Honours College, we continuously strive to improve the educational programme. While there is an Advisory Board with student representatives to discuss educational policy, we would like to have additional input in order to develop ideas to practices in the classroom. Therefore, last year we created the Educational Consultancy Committee (ECC).

The ECC consist solely of Honours College students and has two aims:

  1. to provide students with the opportunity to participate directly in the development of the educational programme of the Honours College and
  2. to act as a sounding board for new ideas from our side, for example about flexibilisation of the programme or cooperation with societal partners.


Despite the difficulties around covid-19, the ECC made significant contributions, such as:

  • Providing feedback on how the certificate ceremony could best be transformed from offline to online
  • A project group participated in developing the new Honours Class ‘Inequalities in the 21st century’ and are organising an entire class session themselves within this course
  • Participating in a pilot for a ‘Design Your Life’ trajectory, aimed at preparing students for the future in general and the job market in particular

In other words, there is ample opportunity to contribute to educational innovation within the Honours College, and we are open to everyone’s idea’s and initiatives. The time investment for this committee varies, depending on your wishes. You might be more active, by developing an innovation of your own (aim 1), or mainly assist by giving feedback during general meetings (aim 2), which take place roughly every 1-2 months.

We need you!

While we cannot offer a financial compensation for participating in the Educational Consultancy Committee, we believe it should be rewarding experience in and of itself. You will increase your network, gain valuable work experience and have one of the best opportunities within the university to have a direct impact on your own education.

Do you want to be involved? Please send a short email explaining your interest (and possible ideas for educational innovation) to Bram Hoonhout before 14 November. As there is no fixed number of available places, there will be no selection and everyone interested is welcome to join.

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