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LUC Corona Update: Reporting of Covid-19 Infections

18 November 2020

How is LUC keeping track of the number of infections within the LUC community, and what information are we sharing with residents, staff and the wider community? What information is needed in order to see if additional measures are necessary, and how do we protect everyone’s privacy? A brief summary.

Receiving a Positive Test

Any LUC student receiving a positive test result should report this to the college using this form. This ensures that the SLO and operational manager are informed, and that the college knows whether extra action or measures are needed. The form includes information on what data we share with whom, asking your explicit permission to do so. The form itself is not shared with anyone else, and will be removed after 6 months or earlier. Staff should inform their supervisor. 

If a Resident of AvB tests postive

If a resident of AvB tests positive, they should inform their RA and their close and loose contacts. LUC can help with that if needed, but only if you inform us. The RA can help you to organize isolation and quarantining for yourself and the people on your floor. Please also discuss with your RA how to inform your floor mates about your infection. 

Informing the LUC Community

LUC informs the wider college community via the weekly newsletter about the number of reported infections, without sharing any personal details. If there is a need to contact specific (groups of) people because they have been in contact with the patient, we will do so via email as soon as we are informed about it but we will not communicate widely about this. 

We are in close contact with the RA’s about the number of positive cases, and continuously compare their feedback with the forms we receive. If you have the impression that there are infections that have not been reported to them or to LUC, please let your RA know. Please help the community to monitor this, and encourage each other to report a positive test result. 

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