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LUC Corona Update: State of Covid-19

25 November 2020

This week one positive test result for covid-19 was reported among LUC teaching staff. The teacher has not been in contact with any students or staff. 

In The Hague and nationally, the decrease of infections is slowing down. This means that at this moment there is no expectation that the measures will relax any time soon; they will probably stay in place during most of December. More information on all measures can be found here.

As from 1 December, you can get tested if you have no symptoms but have been close to a covid-19 patient.

Travel Abroad

Travel abroad is not advised until at least mid January. In case you do have travel plans, please inform yourself well about any obligations to show a recent negative test for covid-19, both in your country of destination as well as at your stopovers or on return to the Netherlands. Also, please observe the quarantine period after return to AvB. 

If you test positive for covid-19, please use this form to report to LUC. Staff should inform their supervisor. 

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