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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

11 November 2020

Collecting Candy

November 11th is the day that many Dutch people would usually celebrate Saint Martin, another version of Halloween, when children go door to door with lampions and collect candy. Not this year unfortunately. My Saint Martin days are long over anyway though. I’ve done my share of crafting lampions with my kids over the years;-).

The Art of Hybrid Teaching

Speaking of creativity, I am seeing some great stuff happening at LUC in terms of navigating the online situation. The GC Sustainability team is very effective in getting our first-year students to go outdoors and be active participants in learning about their environment and how it relates to this global challenge. Several colleagues have made an art of hybrid teaching, and manage to have lively debates even at a distance. A sneak preview of Block 1 student evaluations confirm this impression: students have expressed a lot of appreciation for the way online teaching is handled. And this is of course not only testament to our staff’s ingenuity and dedication, but also to our students’ efforts to stay engaged and making it work. This makes me a very proud dean indeed!

Our Bodies, Our Voice

In the realm of community-care and self-care, LUC is committed to supporting our students in their daily lives at the residential floors (and in the city), by offering online sessions on specific themes. This Monday we hosted a panel session for the BIPOC student community in which four wonderful speakers provided words of wisdom and inspiration. This Tuesday, we offered our first-year students a webinar with the organization Our Bodies Our Voice, with some very useful and important insights on issues of consent and boundaries. And more is still to come later this year, not just for first-year students but also for the entire student community. So keep an eye on your inboxes!


Speaking of inboxes, I cannot repeat this often enough: if you want to be informed about developments and policies, simple reading your emails will go a long way! Being informed is not only your right as a community member, but also your responsibility. We all understand the notion of knowledge for a better world, but on a smaller scale knowledge is also crucial for a well-functioning community. Boring? Sometimes. Worth it? Definitely!  

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