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Reminder: application deadlines for exchange 1 December (Uni-Wide) and 15 February (Faculty)

20 November 2020

Have you considered or are you considering going on exchange in September 2021? Do not forget to apply in time!

Application deadlines

For University-Wide exchange, the application deadline is 1 December 23:59. Note that you need to prepare your documentation, and you need to have permission from your study adviser, so don’t wait to take action!

The application deadline for Faculty exchange is 15 February 23:59.

Important: the requirements

To be eligible for application, your GPA needs to be 7.0 or higher at the time of application, and you should have no delay in your studies, other than the courses that were dropped due to Covid-19 measures in Spring (material studies, field techniques and field school I).

For Uni-Wide exchange that means, by way of exception for this particular year, you have completed all other first year courses (40 ec) plus your BA2 courses from semester 1, block 1 (15 ec).

For Faculty exchange you will have to meet the requirement of 60 ec as a minimum, like in other years, which include 40 ec BA1 courses and 20 ec BA2 courses.

More information

For more information about the possibilities, requirements and procedures, check the presentations of the Study Abroad Festival online.


If questions remain after that, please contact the international exchange coordinator:

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