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Your event on Instagram @LeidenLaw? Read here how

6 September 2021

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social medial channels at our Faculty. As of this month we have more than 10,000 followers on our account @LeidenLaw! So we have a huge connection with students in particular, but also with many other interested persons.

The team behind @LeidenLaw is happy to post information about interesting events or activities from study associations, for example, on our Instagram account. As we are receiving more and more requests we have decided to set up a fixed way for the submission of these requests.

Like to promote your event? Please note the following:

  • We need a photo that is the size of an Instastory (1080 x 1920 px) including all the information you want to share. Tip: use Canva for this! It is important that the photo fits the full size and is not a smaller photo with empty space surrounding it.
  • We need an Instagram account or weblink providing more information that we can refer to.
  • If one Instastory is not enough, it can be two stories.
  • If you are unable to submit a ready-made Instastory, it is possible to submit a photo and a short text (only the main details, a long text doesn’t fit in an Instastory) and we will create a post in a standard layout.

Please send requests to online@law.leidenuniv.nl or via insta-dm to @LeidenLaw. It might take a few days before we get back to you. So send your request to us in good time before the post needs to be made so that we can plan ahead.

Before we decide to post something, we will first check that it is interesting for students studying law and/or criminology. We cannot promote too many items at the same time, so there is a limit to how often the account can be used.

Are you following @LeidenLaw on Instagram? @LeidenLaw is mainly for students and is run by the Social Media Team at our Faculty. This team is made up of enthusiastic, creative students from our Faculty with good online skills. All institutes are represented within the team.

The account provides useful study tips, beautiful images of Leiden and all kinds of useful information for law and criminology students.

Visit (and follow) @LeidenLaw here!

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