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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

2 December 2020

Top Rated Programme

And we’ve done it again! In the 2021 Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs, LUC is ranked  the best University College in the Netherlands for the second time in a row! And third best bachelor program in the entire country! What a great achievement, and a well-deserved reward for all the hard work and passion our staff put into the program over the years, offline and online. For me, LUC’s strongest quality is that we are always developing and evolving, recognize avenues for improvement, and not choose the path of least resistance. And in this process, our students keep us sharp, and challenge us to do better where we can. So I take my hat off to our community, where we can all be teachers and learners at the same time!

Lifelong Learning

On the topic of lifelong learning, earlier this week I took part in the first session of an implicit bias workshop organized for the management at FGGA and its institutes. Although the theoretical parts are very familiar for me because implicit bias is central to many of my research projects, the sharing of perceptions and experiences around this issue with close colleagues was very enlightening. In the end, we are often unintentionally limited by our own narrative, and anything that sheds light on a topic from a different angle will help us see more of it, understand more of it, and open doors to other strategies. Looking forward to the next session in January!

LUC's External Advisory Council

Inviting input and perspectives is also the main function of LUC’s external Advisory Council. Last week the College Board had a meeting with this Council, and discussed various important topics, from teaching in a pandemic to the anti-racism action plan, and procedures for recruiting my successor for 2022. The members of the Council were also very self-reflective, and suggested to either expand or change the composition of the Council to be more representative of both our staff and student population, and some even offered to give up their space to make room for such change if necessary. Food for thought and action! And more proof that all real stories are never ending stories. 

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