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Caring Universities questionnaire: How are you really doing?

7 January 2021

Combining your (online) social life, studies and work can sometimes be a challenge. As a student, you have a lot on your plate. Leiden University would therefore like to help you to become more aware of your mental well-being by completing the Caring Universities ‘Mind Health Check’ questionnaire.


The ‘Mind Health Check’ questionnaire is offered as part of the Caring Universities project. It enables you to reflect on your mental well-being by asking questions about, for example, your personality, your daily activities and matters such as depression and anxiety. After completing the questionnaire you will receive feedback on your stress levels, mood and any possible anxiety. This will enable you to gain insight into your mental well-being.

  • You will receive the questionnaire via your university email in January 2021

Did you already complete the questionnaire in June 2020? You’ll receive an e-mail in June 2021 asking you to complete the questionnaire again, to find out if anything has changed.


After completing the questionnaire you can opt to receive advice. That could be, for example, that you should talk to a student psychologist or take part in one of the free online Caring Universities programmes, under the guidance of an e-coach. There are currently four programmes* aimed at improving your mood, reducing stress, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and reducing procrastination. Of course, there are no obligations and it’s up to you whether you follow the advice.

*You can also join a programme without having completed the questionnaire. See the the Caring Universities platform for details. 

Caring Universities

Leiden University is taking part in the Caring Universities project, which aims to improve the mental well-being of students. See the Caring Universities website for further information.

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