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LUC The Hague: LUC and the City of The Hague

11 February 2021

You don’t have to travel far to learn about current global challenges and wicked societal problems, and to contribute to solutions; most of these play out on a local level too, right here in The Hague. LUC is committed to connect with the city of The Hague in teaching and research. The issues at play in the Hague are very relevant to our educational program and to the research of many of our staff. Moreover, students and scholars are able to provide valuable insights for local partners towards the solutions of these problems.

Working together to address local issues

There are an increasing number of projects in The Hague where scholars, students, organizations and citizens are working together to address local issues. And there is increasing enthusiasm with institutions for higher education to further develop these initiatives, as illustrated in this recent interview with prof. dr. Erwin Muller of Campus The Hague.

'Kennis maken Den Haag'

In January the website www.kennismakendenhaag.nl was launched. The site provides a place to showcase what students, researchers, and the city are doing together. It also functions as a meeting place and matchmaking tool, where interested organisations, citizens, students and scholars can find partners or projects to join.

Best Practices

Currently, several LUC projects are already featured on the website, including Engage The Hague, Development Project Management, Wasted: Exploring Food Citizenship, Blik op de Toekomst, and Unplastic. You can contribute your own project to the site, or look for interesting partners or projects to participate in. The site also offers resources and information for scholars interested in starting a project with the city: what are the best practices and lessons learned from other initiatives?

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