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LUC The Hague: Winter Activities

3 February 2021

So… 2020 is over, but yet it feels not much has changed.

A new year, but it is still winter, we are still in a lockdown, and it can all feel overwhelming at times. What usually used to be my form of release – weekends, going out with friends, treating myself to a nice dinner out – is all now impossible. However, I decided I had to find new ways to find my release moments on the weekends, different ways of treating myself, and how to find enjoyment in what seems to be an everlasting new normal.

I wanted to share with you a few fun things I came across that may help your survive the last winter month, and get through February with a few fun things to include here and there, for very little money or free!

1. Geo-caching (free!)

Walking has been the to-go activity during these times. “What did you do this weekend”? – “I went for a walk!” Does this resonate with you? However, I found just wondering streets was not cutting it for me anymore. Then I stumbled upon Geocaching! Geocaching has been around for a very long time. It is a combination of a treasure hunt game with using GPS and other navigational techniques. It is a fun way to explore your city, get outside, and walk with a purpose! You can download the free app on your phone. This is a great activity to do with a buddy, your partner, or your family and kids. I learnt a lot about hidden spaces in The Hague, about history, but even about bits of nature as well! It has quickly become a fun experience to look forward to, and the thrill of the hunt, included with the competition and purpose of my walks, has giving walking a whole new meaning in 2021.

2. De Haagse Horeca Tour (20 - 25€)

Eating out at a restaurant is not possible, and possibly you are uninspired when you get into Thuisbezorgd, or UberEats. I came across a cool new initiative (De Haagse Horeca Tour) in The Hague that involves the all might walking activity and restaurants! For a few euros, you can get a culinary route, where you will pass 5 different restaurants in the city that are struggling in these times. You will be able to get a bite to eat in each of them (for around 5 euro a bite), have a nice walk, and also support our local restaurants! Great to do with your buddy or your partner.

3. Digital Game Night

I used to enjoy a good game night with friends. My favorite- Settlers of Catan. However, our friends live in different cities, and some have even moved away. So I finally tried entering the 21st century and trying it out. Settlers of Catan has a cool app you can download on a phone or iPad (you will have to pay around €8 to get “gold” to play). We then create a Zoom call over our laptop with our friends, prepare some snacks and drinks, and let the games begin! It has been fun to do this especially now with the curfew in the evenings. It’s a good, healthy and fun way to stay indoors. Of course, if Catan is not your thing, and bartering for wood or hay may not be up your alley, there are plenty of other games. Such as Scattegories (if you enjoy words, and time limits – it is free!), or this random Trivia Generator (free!) – where you can then have a Zoom competition! Or get a bit out there, and for €3 Exploding Kittens -  you will be laughing away with whomever is on the other side of the call :) 

I hope you can find some fun, in what seems to be very limited activities we can do. But with some creativity – a simple activity can become a great day out or evening in! Stay healthy & stay safe!

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