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Are you (to be) a second year master’s student? Apply for the Joint Interdisciplinary Project

30 March 2021

The Joint Interdisciplinary Project of the TU Delft is looking for second year master’s students of Leiden University with diverse study backgrounds, that are up for an interdisciplinary challenge.

What is the Joint Interdisciplinary Project (JIP)?

The JIP is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate interdisciplinary teamwork into your master. You will work with passionate fellow students and companies in technical innovation on a business case to create innovative impact. Teams will be able to think beyond their field of expertise, deepen their analytic and creative skills all the while sharing their disciplinary knowledge. Students will get the guidance required to realize the change and get a taste of both success and failure to become resilient in the face of obstacles. The projects are focused on integrated design or research assignments, in addition to value adding, societal acceptance and engineering ethics.

Who can participate in the JIP?

Next academic year (2021-2022) max. 200 students can start in Q1 at TU Delft. There is room for four students of Leiden University. You can apply if:

  • You are a 2nd-year master’s student or you have almost completed the first year of the master’s degree programme and will enroll in your second year in September 2021
  • You are full time available (40 hours per week) in Q1 (from September onwards)

How to apply?

The application process consists of a number of steps, each with their own deadline. If you want to apply, please take notice of the information below.

  1. Up to April 19th, interested students can sent an e-mail to the assessor of the Honours Academy, Wessel van Dam, with their name, student number, study programme and study year. Wessel will arrange a Brightspace account for you at TU Delft.
  2. April 26th, applications open on TU Delft’s Brightspace. The week before, more detailed information about the business cases will be made available. When applying, please fill in: JIP application form on Brightspace, CV, motivation letter and your top-3 company cases.
  3. May 17th is the final day students can apply at TU Delft’s Brightspace.


Students will be selected on the basis of motivation, study progress and recommendation.

  • Selection period: April/May 2021.
  • Announcement teams: June 2021.

More information

Check out www.jointinterdisciplinaryproject.nl for more detailed information about the Joint Interdisciplinary Project.

E-mail assessor Wessel van Dam if you have questions about the application procedure for Leiden University students.

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