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Join the council and help push our Faculty forward

30 March 2021

Are you the one who will represent the students within our faculty next year? Or participate in the decision-making process and discussion about important university policy choices? Then, make yourself eligible for the Faculty Council or the University Council! 

These legal bodies represent all students and speak out on important issues. In addition to learning and gaining experience as a council member, you can also leave your mark on the faculty's and university's course!  
Interested? Apply as a candidate! You can still stand for election until April 16, so be quick to decide. Read more about the councils and how to apply as a candidate below the video.

Watch how students Paulien Koster and Fabian Mulder experienced their time in the Faculty Council: 

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Faculty Council: new faculty strategy on the way

It will be an interesting year for the Faculty Council: the Faculty Board will lay the foundation for a new faculty strategy. And also, all lessons learnt during the pandemic can be applied to improve education within the faculty.

University Council: co-decision on university-wide policy

Did you know that there is currently no Science student on the University Council? Our faculty is different from other faculties in many ways. Think of the laboratories, the many contact hours and the IT facilities. Education funding therefore has a special position at our faculty. Because of this unique position, it is very important that Science students are also represented in the university council!

How do you get into a council?

It works just like in the national parliamentary elections: interested parties can join one of the student parties. These parties are independent organisations with their own board and their own vision of university policy. They draw up their own electoral lists: one for the University Council (UC) and one for each Faculty Council (FC). Students go to the polls in May and choose from those lists who will sit on the Faculty and University Council for them. 

If you are interested, please contact a student party of your choice. There are 7 students in our FR, spread over the following four parties: 

These parties are also represented in the UC. At university level you can also join:


Do you want to talk informally with current council members about how it is to be part of a council? At the Leiden Science Online Meet-ups of 1 April and 8 April they will be present. Come on by and ask them about their experiences, they are happy to share. 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities you have as a student to become active within the university? Do not hesitate to contact assessor Joost Barendse

Faculty council 2019-2020
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