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Join the Student Wellbeing Activities Committee

11 March 2021

The corona crisis has had a major impact on students. They are experiencing loneliness, motivation issues and concerns about their study progress. Although there are plenty of ideas and examples of ways in which to help, what we really need is a determined team of students who are committed to student wellbeing.

For this reason, the local chamber of student associations (PKvV), Leiden University and Leiden University of Applied Sciences have joined hands to form the Student Wellbeing Activities Committee. The committee will implement existing ideas as well as drawing up new plans to improve the wellbeing of Leiden students.

Join in!

Do you have an affinity with this theme? Are you a team player who can come up with creative ideas and turn these into reality? Send a short letter of motivation to n.a.van.der.tas@sea.leidenuniv.nl, and who know. Maybe you will soon be a member of the Student Wellbeing Activities Committee.

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