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Let your voice be heard and take part in the day of action for a ‘Normal Academic Standard’

30 March 2021

The university is calling on its students and staff to join in the national day of action on Tuesday 6 April for a ‘Normal Academic Standard ‘(Normaal Academisch Peil). Administrators, students and staff from 14 universities will be sounding the alarm and asking the government to invest an additional 1.1 billion euros per year in university teaching and research.

The importance of education of good quality

Chronic underfunding is putting our universities under great pressure. Student numbers have been increasing for years, but the funding per student has decreased. And research funding has failed to increase along with student numbers for years. Research funding is intrinsically linked with the quality of the teaching because the research and teaching at our universities can’t do without one another.

That is why on Tuesday 6 April the students, administrators and staff of all 14 universities will be calling on the new government for an annual investment of 1.1 billion euros. Only then will higher education in the Netherlands return to a Normal Academic Standard. This claim made by us as a broad coalition is supported by an independent report prepared by PwC (in Dutch) at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Read more about this action through the button below.

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