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LUC The Hague: Corona update - Mass Self-testing at AvB

12 May 2021

Since Monday 10 May, a small outbreak of covid-19 is taking place on the AvB residential campus. At the moment of writing (12 May morning), 5 students have tested positive.

All close contacts of the students involved have isolated themselves as soon as they knew about the first infection, all got tested immediately and have reported any positive results via the form. The cases are highly likely to be related to each other. The students involved have little to no symptoms and have not attended any on-campus classes in the week before they tested positive.


In reaction to this development, the SLO and RA’s are distributing self-tests to all residents at AvB today, Wednesday 12 May. We urge all residents to either schedule a PCR test (in case of symptoms or if they are a contact of the infected group) or to do the self-test today. This will hopefully catch any other non-symptomatic infections early to avoid a further outbreak on campus. We will of course inform the community in case of more infections.

Self-tests can also be ordered for free via a new website. You will receive 4 tests and can only order once in two weeks.

Seeing this new development, please be extra careful in following the corona measures: keep your distance to each other, wear face masks where advised to, keep washing your hands and limiting your contacts. All information can be found here as usual.

Government Measures

The Dutch government has announced new relaxation of corona measures as from 19 May, if the total number of hospitalizations keeps going down. The relaxations mostly concern outdoor activities such as sports and terraces, and indoor locations for sports and art/culture. The current regulations in place for Higher Education are not expected to change. Also, the travel ban will not be extended after 15 of May.

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