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Speeddate Humanities

18 March 2021

Are you a prospective first-year student and do you have any questions about your chosen BA programme? Then join the BA programmes of Humanities for an online speed date on the 18th of June 2021. If you still have doubts about a particular BA programme, you are also very welcome to participate. Did you receive an invitation as a result of the Study Choice Check questionnaire? Then it is of vital importance to make an appointment for a Teams conversation!

If the Coordinator of Studies has questions for you after reading your questionnaire, you will receive a personal invitation to the online speed date. The speed dates will take place online and via Microsoft Teams.

From 15 March onwards you can book an appointment for a speed date with the Coordinator of Studies from your chosen BA programme.

Please note that the BA’s English language and culture and Nederlandse taal en cultuur will not take part in the speed dates. They started with Matching.


Do you have any questions after reading this? Then please contact us via e-mail.

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